One thing I forgot to mention in my earlier posts about home practice – your pets will think this is absolutely the most amazing development ever.  Originally I thought that this was just a quirk of my super-friendly cat, but no – it seems it’s as irresistible as keyboards are to cats or squirrels outside are to dogs.  My cat’s specialty is putting herself between me and the floor, which is both risky for her and quite strength-building for me (nothing keeps you holding a pose longer than the fear of squishing your beloved pet).  Jokes aside, be prepared to share your practice or to put your pet in another room.

Finally, having shared some thoughts on home practice with students this week, I can say definitely that reactions were not what I expected. Some students surprised me by already having regular home practices, and others surprised me by seeming like it had never occurred to them that they could practice outside a yoga studio.  I was surprised to hear also that some of the more advanced yogis I know don’t practice on their own, outside class.  In a way I can see why – it’s hard, definitely, and it’s a step that sometimes needs a nudge to get going.  It certainly reminded me of how grateful I am to have built a solid home practice, to be able to come to my mat whenever needed.