Meditation is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  Somehow it’s easier to get to a 90 minute yoga class after a busy day at work, or to lace up my sneakers and run 8 miles at 6 in the morning than it is to sit for 10 minutes in meditation.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my meditation timer chime and I realize I spent the entire time thinking about whatever thoughts floated in.  The worst is when I catch myself avoiding actually meditating by thinking about meditation!  I mean, really, does it get much worse than that?

It turns out, yes, it does.  Worse is not meditating at all.  When I meditate regularly (and I meditate 10 minutes a day, it’s still a struggle even after 3 years), I feel calmer, more settled, more able to think creatively, less likely to snap at my beloved or those around me.  Really.  The first time I noticed benefits from meditation was when I stopped it after sitting regularly for about a month.  I just had that feeling of unease, of ennui, and was more irritated.  Now, I’m more likely to have wacky nightmares or get distracted (now what did I come into this room for?) when I haven’t been meditating.

Don’t meditate because I said so.  Try it for a week because I said so. Then when life gets in the way and your practice is interrupted, notice if you feel any different.  Then meditate because it enriches your life.