What do you do for the love of it?  Do you get up early on weekends to bike or run?  Do you stay up all hours of the night working on a personal project of some kind?  What keeps your favorite activities fresh and engaging?

Last weekend, I ran a race.  I’ve run that race before, and others of the same distance.  The day before I was anxious, nervous and was really asking myself why I was doing this, why I was putting myself through this.  It certainly dictated most of my weekend plans, I had to go to bed early Saturday night, and made no plans Sunday other than the race.

In a race of 35,000 people, including invited athletes from around the world, I was certainly not going to win.  So what did I have to be nervous about?  I recommitted to having fun over anything else.  I run because I enjoy it, and it just took me a while that weekend to remember that.  I did run the race, and had the most fun I’ve had over the five or so races I’ve done.  Whether related to my revised mindset or not, I beat my time goal too.

This week in class I’ve been offering yoga for the love of it.  Practice because it’s enjoyable, whether or not you get your legs straighter in your forward folds or hold bakasana for two more seconds, but because it’s fun, and hopefully you feel better afterward.  That’s why I run and is a lot of why I practice yoga.  Really focusing on your breath and developing your skill at feeling your body is a way to deepen your enjoyment even more, by tuning in more deeply.