Lately, it’s seemed as if inspiration is around every corner, that everything around me offers a new and exciting discovery.  I find a lot of inspiration in science, in learning how and why things work.  For example, I’m amazed how slow-motion cameras are showing us the crazy way cats drink water (  I find inspiration in the kindness and creativity of people around me, in seeing people doing what they love, even when it’s tough.  For me, inspiration is in the beauty of trees and seeing how waves crash into the rocky shore.

What inspires you?  What brings out your inner creativity, and makes everything seem fresh?    Maybe for you it’s stretching your wings to try something different, something new.  Or maybe it’s reading about leaders like Gandhi or Martin Luther King and the incredible passion that carried them through such extraordinary challenges.

How do you stay connected to what lights you up?

The invitation this week is to meditate upon these questions, to invite yourself to connect more deeply with what inspires you, and to weave more inspiration into your life.  Focus: sama vritti pranayama, twists and balancing poses such as ardha chandra chapasana, vrksasana, adho mukha vrksasana.