Everything we do speaks, whether in conscious or unconscious ways.  Maybe you have very deliberately pondered your legacy, what you want your life to have been when you back at it in old age.  I certainly have, and I’m still working to develop my views of what I want my impact on the world to be, and to take actions and shape my life accordingly.  But what’s easier, more tangible and needed every day, is to consciously shape the ripples we create in every day living, through every action we take.  What do we want the impacts of those actions to be on the ones around us?

I’ve been biking to work recently, and on my way to and from I see a lot of other commuters, particularly in the mornings.  I watched last week as a woman on a bike gave a huge smile and a loud “good morning!!” to everyone she passed.  Many looked back at her blankly, some smiled back, most seemed to be a bit caught off guard.  But, most interestingly, I then heard more “good mornings” between folks after she’d passed by.  To me, this was a concrete example that one person’s simple action affects others.

Asana recommendation:

Bring more awareness into each action you take in your asana practice today.  Focus on moving deliberately and on the spaces between the poses.  These spaces are the unconscious ripples we create in daily life, whether we scowl or smile as we move through our lives.  Keep the sides of the torso long, lengthening the distance between the hip bones and armpits, make space for the positive.  Carefully place your hands and feet in alignment and watch the way you feel.  Try to share any good that comes out of your asana practice with those around you.