recently i tried something i’d previously been afraid to do: i traveled abroad by myself.  i learned a lot from the experience, namely that i was a lot stronger and more independent than i’d thought.  i have had several friends who have traveled alone before, some for months at a time, and i always thought, wow that’s so cool (…for them, i could never do it myself).  then circumstances arose where i had time and resources to do a bit of traveling and i went for it.  and it was very cool.

where do you have limited views of yourself?  in this case i wasn’t really even aware that i’d held this limited view, it just wasn’t something i thought of regularly.  but when i had time to travel and my friends and family didn’t, the opportunity to expand presented itself.  the best part of doing something that scares you a little is that when you actually do it and overcome that bit of fear, other opportunities to expand present themselves!