thursday evening, i successfully kicked up into handstand, without any assistance.  for more than a year i have been trying this, and very much in earnest for the past 4-6 months, practicing almost every day.

feelings: empowerment, the relief from doubt about the strength of my asana practice, the sense of accomplishment, pride of having really worked for it and now accomplishing it.  it did feel like i was flying, and i felt i was lighter once up there than it often seemed when coming up via an assist. my partner was in the room and witnessed it; i could see his pride and joy at my accomplishment, i’m very thankful for his support and excitement for me.

saturday afternoon i was out hiking a trail which is intersected by a stream; the only way across is a log.  last time i sat down and scooted across – -this time i just simply walked, i felt less fear (after all, i’m a handstander now) and just did it.  woo-hoo!  very excited about the doors that are now open, not only inverted asanas but maybe other doors in life, maybe i’ll have less fear…