in reading the bhagavad gita for the first time, accompanied by douglas brooks’ book poised for grace, which interprets the gita from a tantric philosophical perspective, a few thoughts really stuck with me.

brooks states that krishna is telling us about the connections we all share, all living beings.  he says “we are always connected and have always been connected.  yoga creates the power to experience that connection fully, deeply, richly, and with all the complexity that human embodiment promises.”

i think in our hearts, we all sense the connections we have to one another, but often it is hard to feel them with the prakriti and filters for thought that we have built up in our lives.  brooks’ statement crisply solidifies why we are seeking yoga, at least why i am; to remember what’s always been there.  as suzie hurley said in class last week, we are always whole, we always have all that we need within us, inside us, at all times.  yoga is remembering this wholeness.