in the bhagavad gita, chapter 7, krishna (incarnation of the divine) tells arjuna (symbolizes all of us), “there are four kinds of men who are good, and the four love me, arjuna: the man of sorrows, the seeker of knowledge, the seeker of something he treasures, and the man of vision.  the greatest of these is the man of vision, who is ever one, who loves the One.  for i love the man of vision and the man of vision loves me.”

i think all of us who practice and are aware of pursuing something deeper through our practices can be considered seekers.  brooks refers to the seeker of something he treasures as wealth-seekers; but if you interpret krishna’s statement a little more literally, to mean something one treasures, then i characterize myself as a seeker of something i treasure.  i am looking for something more, some purpose to this life, something beyond what’s offered itself to me thus far in my journey, to contribute to and to wrap my life experience around.  that’s the seeker a lot of us are; what’s the meaning and purpose of my life?  not so much what’s the purpose of life overall, i’m not ready to tackle that question and honestly i don’t know how anyone will ever know they’ve found it, even if they have.  but what is the purpose and meaning of my life – what’s the best way for me to contribute to the rest of this human experience, with whom i am intrinsically connected.  while staying authentic to my true self and my true calling (s) as krishna reminds arjuna, what will be my contribution?